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We believe that the ministry of the church is entrusted to all of our members.

At St. Peter’s, the personal engagement of individuals and families in ministry is an important part of who we are.  There are a variety of gifts and a variety of services the church offers as we seek to bring our words and our deeds together.

Benevolence, kindness and a joyful commitment to justice, peace and a healing of wounds are at the heart of who we seek to be about.  St. Peter’s offers summer camp scholarships, music scholarships, and student scholarships.
Members engage in quilting projects (including the creation of ninty-one quilts for the Rawhide home for needy youth). More than $50,000 was devoted to United Church of Christ ministries and other expressions of faith such as support for Syrian refugees, Hurricane and other disaster relief, Lakeland College, Hope House and other Homeless Shelters, Salvatorian Mission, Animal Shelter Rescue, Habitat for Humanity, Safe Harbor and other projects as we seek to reflect something of the love of God for us all.